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Medford Fuel Website

Medford Fuel, a fuel distributor in Southern Oregon. The Medford Fuel website is frames-based. It has a substantial local weather section with numerous JavaScript pop-up windows. They have secured permission to utilize live images from dozens of web cam owners on many regional highways and freeways, and Cascade Web Works organized these to create one of the best online road & weather condition resources available for this portion of the country. The site is immensely popular with travelers, who send a steady stream of E-mail to the website owners complimenting and thanking them for providing such a useful informational web site.

Terpening Terrace web site

Terpening Terrace is an active retirement community in Eugene Oregon. The Terpening Terrace web site features slideshows, cgi information request form, and image rollover navigation. Images for the site were produced from both scanned conventional photography and still images extracted from digital video. Because the owners of the facility allowed Cascade Web Works to design the basic infrastructure of the website prior to creation of the visible page content, we were able to optimize this site to achieve and retain numerous top five rankings on pre-selected, relevant search phrases on the top search engines.

Ray's Food Place Website

Ray's Food Place, a retail grocery chain with numerous stores in Oregon and Northern California. The website incorporates several state imagemaps for customers to locate stores, with multi-page weekly ads presented in a slide show format. Pop-up JavaScript windows provide site users with additional printable coupon pages and savings information.

First Baptist Church web site

The website for First Baptist Church in Medford, Oregon was one of our original projects to include working E-mail links designed to prevent collection of E-mail addresses (and large amounts of junk E-mail) by automatic "E-mail harvesting" programs crawling the Internet. Once an address is collected from a "mailto:" link on a website by one of these programs, it is only a matter of months until the address is included in bulk E-mail lists for sale to mass marketers, and the addressee begins receiving copius amounts of SPAM (unsolicited and often offensive bulk E-mail). Once this occurs, the only way to correct the problem is to cancel that particular E-mail account.   For this reason, it is becoming increasingly critical in website design to include measures to prevent this from occurring.

C K Market web site

C & K Market, Inc. headquartered in Brookings, Oregon is one of the top 25 privately-owned companies in the state. C & K Market owns more than 45 grocery stores with several thousand employees in Oregon and Northern California.


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